Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mark is 30

This September Mark turned 30 (I know its almost December) I am a little behind on my posts. But I figure better late than never. I wanted to him to get away with his family to just relax as well as surprise him where we were going. After much hunting for a place that would be big enough for all of us (our family, his brothers family, and his parents) and not too far of a drive. I decided on this beautiful home on Lake Sutherland, http://www.vrbo.com/317581. I feel like a lot of the time when looking at places online they never look just as good in person. But this place definitely looked just as awesome when we got there as it does in the pictures in the link above. It was soo perfect.

Miles took his first ferry ride and enjoyed some jojos.

The weather was beautiful!!

We even got a pretty good family snapshot, took a few tries, and Miles isn't looking but it was fun.