Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Electrical & Plumbing

So much has happened since my last post. Almost all of the electrical and plumbing that needs to be done before insulation is finished. There has been so much that has gone into both of those. There is no eye candy when you are working with wire and pipe. Without knowing what Mark and Dave (our plumber) were working on it was pretty hard to see what they had been working on for hours after the major items had been completed. Here is just an start of all the work they have done. 
  1.  Removed all the current electrical and replaced with new wire and lots of outlets, lighting, etc.
  2.  Upgraded the panel
  3.  Gutted all the old copper pipe and ran Pex throughout
  4.  Added a new drain line that involved tearing up the concrete and joining to the existing main sewer drain (for the kitchen sink and washing machine)
  5.  Installed new drain and water pipes for kitchen sink, island sink, additional bathroom upstairs
  6.  Ran coax and ethernet throughout the house
  7. Run gas line for the stove top

Here is one of the downstairs bedrooms where the concrete had to be taken up. Mark and his Dad can attest to the hardness of this 65 year old concrete. We had to do this to connect a new drain to the main drain from outside.

After the plumbing inspection. which we passed with flying colors, it was nice to see the holde covered up in the bedroom. No more dirt for the boys to play in!

Here are our cutest workers on the crew.

My future kitchen sink.....

My favorite Electrician hard at work

I did get my hand in running the wire for the fire alarms. It was fun. Headlamp needed because Mark was working on something else that required him to turn power off to the lights. I feel so cool pretending to be an electrician. Don't worry, Mark double checks all my work.

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