Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tonasket - looking back at summer

My Grandpa lives in Tonasket, WA. Each summer we try to make it over there. I love being unable to receive texts, phone calls, etc. To be forced to unplug is so healthy for me. Plus he lives on 60 acres and me and the boys can just roam free. My mom came too and we had a lot of fun.

The boys beating the heat, mid 90's, with an ice cream bar

There was a robins nest that I was able to reach with a ladder to take pictures. Each day I would get up to see if the egg had hatched. Our last morning I snapped the picture of the new born birdie

Miles and Luke working for Great Grandpa picking up Ponderosa Pinecones with their grabbers.

A Gardner snake we found. Luke wasn't quite ready to hold it yet but Miles loved it.

I remember drinking hot chocolate with my brother and sister out of these same mugs. Its not going to Great Grandpas if he doesn't offer you hot chocolate EVERY DAY, his signature.

Love the memories made at Grandpa's!

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